Best comparison : Cloudera vs MapR vs Hortonworks

Best comparison : Cloudera vs MapR vs Hortonworks



Best comparison : Cloudera vs MapR vs Hortonworks

Cloudera Inc. was founded by big data geniuses from Facebook, Google, Oracle and Yahoo in 2008. It was the first company to develop and distribute Apache Hadoop-based software and still has the largest user base with most number of clients. Although the core of the distribution is based on Apache Hadoop, it also provides a proprietary Cloudera Management Suite to automate the installation process and provide other services to enhance convenience of users which include reducing deployment time, displaying real time nodes’ count, etc.

  • Cloudera Inc. is one of the oldest and most widely known Hadoop distributions
  • Strong client base and market penetration.
  • Cloudera offers both its open source distribution, called Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop (CDH), and its proprietary Cloudera Management Suite.
  • Cloudera provides proprietary value-added components ( Impala , Ambari .. etc )
  • Cloudera is open source with just a few proprietary components, which minimize the risk of vendor lock-in and protects the ability to switch to a different Hadoop distribution at a later date with relative ease.
  • Cloudera users include recognized brands like Groupon.
  • It has a large community and partnerships
  • Quick adoption for new technologies.
  • Offers Trainings and good support.


Hortonworks, founded in 2011, has quickly emerged as one of the leading vendors of Hadoop. The distribution provides open source platform based on Apache Hadoop for analysing, storing and managing big data. Hortonworks is the only commercial vendor to distribute complete open source Apache Hadoop without additional proprietary software.


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