Talend Rest API

Talend Rest API : tRestClient

Function The tRESTClient component sends HTTP and HTTPS requests to a REpresentational State Transfer (REST) Web service provider and gets the corresponding responses. This component integrates well with Talend Runtime to get HTTPS support, with more QoS features to be supported in time.
Purpose The tRESTClient component is used to interact with RESTful Web service providers by sending HTTP and HTTPS requests using CXF (JAX-RS).

Calling a RESTful web service

This tutorial shows how a RESTful web service can be called from Talend. The REST service we will be using is an api service, so you will need to be connected to the Internet to perform this tutorial.

Here is an example of how to use tRest component to connect to different Cloud applications …

Talend Rest API : tRestClient XML

Talend tREST job tutorial with JASON/XML
Talend tREST job tutorial with JASON/XML

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