Talend Spark error

Talend Spark error


this is one of the most frequent errors on Spark jobs

org.talend.bigdata.dataflow.SpecException: Invalid input accessor: row1.null
at org.talend.bigdata.dataflow.hmap.HMapSpec$JoinDef.deserialize(HMapSpec.java:1206)
at org.talend.bigdata.dataflow.hmap.HMapSpec$JoinDef.access$1800(HMapSpec.java:1122)
at org.talend.bigdata.dataflow.hmap.HMapSpec.joinKey(HMapSpec.java:563)
at org.talend.bigdata.dataflow.hmap.HMapSpecBuilder.joinKey(HMapSpecBuilder.java:171)
at bvdatawar

Solutions of this Talend Spark error  : 


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1- Make sure the input for this flow ( row1 ) here 0 is not empty, this input can be a source file or a db query

2- make sure you are not joining on multiple keys, if you need to do so , please one tmap for each key join



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